Wild Ginger

Save yourself $3,000 on airfare by not buying plane tickets. You don't need to fly to Asian to feast on the best food from this part of the world. Why you maybe asking yourself? Because it has come to you herein Seattle.

Since opening on July 29, 1989, Wild Ginger has set a new standard for Asian cuisine in the Northwest. They offer authentic recipes from the Pacific Rim countries lying between India and Japan: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, South China and Vietnam. Signature offerings such as Fragrant Duck, Seven Flavor Beef, Ginger Martinis and Mango Daiquiris have marked Wild Ginger's indelible presence as a Pacific Northwest dining destination. Local and national food critics and Northwest residents have consistently rated Wild Ginger as among the very finest Northwest restaurants. The New York Times wrote: "...this is perhaps the most provocative, and fun, restaurant in Seattle."

After years of travel and research into traditional Asian cooking, owners Rick and Ann Yoder conceived the founding principles of Wild Ginger: fresh quality products, cooked to order and served professionally in a casual, warm atmosphere. It is a concept that is deceptively simple, but involves a complex balance of Asian cooking, stylish decor and professional Western service standards. Executed with panache, these principles have made Wild Ginger what the Puget Sound Business Journal has called: "A rare and wonderful bird."

"Wild Ginger is widely viewed as one of the highest-quality dining experiences in Seattle, yet despite the widespread popularity of our food, we are far from the highest priced restaurant in Seattle", said Rick Yoder. "We've tried to keep our prices moderate so everyone can enjoy the best in Asian cooking and keep Wild Ginger a place to go when you want good value."

(206) 623-4450
1401 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

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