Billy McHale's Restaurant (Renton)

Steak & the Bacon Wrapped or Coconut Prawns although among the most pricey on the menu seemed to be a normal order for me at this place. This place has cool stuff all over the place to look at & even more so for the kids. Not as good as in it's hay day when they all were owned by one man, but still a good visit. Great deals for the early dinner crowd. Each one is nor owned by different owners with the old manager buying up half the stores. Over half the stores closed up upon the founder of Billy's selling off. The founder of these place also started the Jimmy Macs Steakhouse which I enjoy even more, but not as kid friendly as Billy's.

(425) 271-7427
241 SW 7th St
Renton, WA 98055

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Greg Fellin

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